Dr. Kimilia Kent, Pharm., D.

Born and raised in Portland, OR Dr. Kimilia Kent moved to Atlanta, GA to attend Spelman College. In 2006 she graduated with a bachelor of science degree in biology. Interested in both research and medicine, she decided to join a research lab at Emory University school of medicine where she studied renal disease and diabetes. After successfully publishing 4 peer reviewed articles, Kimi decided to apply for her master’s degree in neuropsychobiology / pharmacology at Georgia State University. She completed her master’s degree on the molecular mechanisms of cocaine addiction and associated behavioral/ affective disorders in 2011. In 2012 she decided to apply for her doctor of Pharmacy degree, and was accepted to the number one school of pharmacy in the nation, University of California San Francisco. She successfully completed her doctor of pharmacy degree in March of 2016 and joined both Shellmire unlimited PC and Empowerment clinic in November of 2016. Dr. Kent believes that there is a balance between both western and natural medicine in treating a patient – and in all cases a patient should be on the “minimum necessary” amount of medication.