Michael Braxton, PH.D. Candidate, MBA, MSW, CADC III, CGAC II, CRM, CSWA
Executive Director
Empowerment Clinic Inc.

Hi, I’m Mike Braxton, Executive Director of Empowerment Clinic Inc. I know personally how it feels to need treatment. I understand the fear of knowing the need for change, but not knowing how. I also found that changes is possible. This is why I started Empowerment Clinic In 2007. I’m very grateful to be able to produce outcomes that make sense to those we serve. I believe the Justice is providing the most constructive help to those who need the most constructive help at that moment in time you are in the moment.

Erin K. Noon, BA, Health Care Administration

Relationships help individuals grow no matter what their situation. That is my mission. I am a health care professional with a diverse background spanning over 20 years  with experience in direct patient/client care, compliance, case management, human resources, marketing, sales, program development and client satisfaction. I am skilled in training, staff development, and colleague mentoring. I have proven success in building long-term relationships with clients as well as their families.

Jaunita Bradley

Certified Recovery Mentor, CADC 1 Candidate, CGAC 1 Candidate

I was raised in St. Louis, MO, and I am passionate about helping individuals facing difficult times. I know personally of needing to make a change and desiring the assistance of someone to help me do just that. For this reason I changed my career of working in Corporate America for 28 years. I am now a CRM and pursuing a career as a Counselor of Drug and Alcohol along with Gambling Addiction. I am looking to support and be guide for clients as they face challenging situations in moving forward in their life to create and achieve their dreams. I believe that everyone has the tools to heal and sometime people need assistance in using the tools that they have.

Ebony Braxton

Administrative Assistant

Raised in Moss Point, MS, Ebony Braxton is the Application Assister, the Billing Coordinator and Intake Specialist .With over five years of active experience in the clerical field, she believes that The Empowerment Clinic will provide her the opportunity to further her experience in the field, yet also provide that Southern Charm. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two children.

Gerald Noble

Network Administrator

Gerald has over 15 years combined experience working as a computer technician and network administrator. In his spare time Gerald enjoys working out, traveling, spending time with his friends and family and all types of water sports.

Ron Thomas,

Peer Support Specialist, Certified Recovery Mentor

I have experience working in Washington County as a Jail Mentor.
I know how to reach the guys behind the glass by using skills such as Motivational Interviewing and the How did you Get Here, by Michael Johnson. I know personally what incarceration feels like so this allows me to express empathy and simultaneously develop trust with individuals who are very guarded. In my role at Empowerment Clinic I provide Outreach, lead clients to resources depending on their individual needs and I am a certified food handler so I make bag lunches to give to clients in need at the clinic and in the community.

Shiva Markandeya

Peer Support Specialist, CADC 1 Candidate

I work as a Recovery Mentor with the focus on the LGBTQ+ Community and the issues they face with addiction. I am in the Drug and Alcohol Program, Student Government and the African American Mentorship Program at PCC. I would like to promote the benefits of energetic, esoteric and individual healing to marginalized communities in order to support various types of recovery. I have the goal of working with traumatized individuals at a Masters Level. On my spare time  I am studying the Ways of Kemet and the mysteries of Hermetics. I organize a monthly Recovery Open Mics series as well.

Roberto Munoz


I have a passion for helping my community, serving people who are less fortunate and are in need of services, whether it’s housing, mental health or addiction treatment.
I have personal experience in all three areas. My destiny in life is to give back what was freely given to me. I especially want to help my Latino community as they are some of the most disadvantaged. That is why I believe in the mission of Empowerment Clinic.

Roumaldo Guajardo,

BS, Certified Recovery Mentor, Peer Support Specialist, QMHA

Hello. My name is Roumaldo Guajardo. I have a Bachelors of Science in Supply and Logistics Business Management and I am also a Certified Recovery Mentor.
My past experiences consisted of working with Oxford as a chapter chair for 1 year. Also worked for Bridges to Change for 2 years as a House manager for the Homeless to Work Program. I also worked for Coda Inc. as a Washington County Drug Court Mentor for 8 months.
Finally, I worked for Volunteers of America as a Certified Recovery Mentor for the Latino Home Base Recovery Program since November of 2015.

Reginald Stroughter,

Certified Recovery Mentor, Peer Support Specialist, CADC 1 Candidate, CGAC 1 Candidate

Reginald has approximately 7 years of experience working in the social services field, and has acquired all mandatory completed hours for the addiction counselor competency domains, making him eligible as CADC 1. Reginald has approximately 5 years of experience working as supportive housing case manager in sites with a high population density of people recovering from addictions, co-occurring disorders, complex tri morbid conditions, and homelessness. Reginald also has experience as an Addictions and Mental health Care Giver, in which he has managed a home as a single staff, every weekend for approximately 1.5 years, requiring him to have the ability to deescalate patients with involuntary reactions to stimuli resulting from developmental disabilities and severe mental health illnesses. He also has 2 years of experience working with Men inside of the Oregon State Correctional Institution as a Recovery Coach, in which he was able to work with Men mandated to engage in A&D treatment. Reginald has expressed that he has had multiple opportunities to observe spiritual awakenings in recovering Men in Women over the years, and has personally been able to acknowledge the definition of “in order to keep what I have I have to give it away”. And shares that he has a genuine heart for service, and very grateful to be of service in this field.

Diamond Robleto

Administrative Intake Specialist

Hello. I’m Diamond Robleto, administrative Intake specialist for empowerment clinic at our Hillsboro office. I’m currently enrolled in college shooting for my bachelors in arts. Striving to help those in need, with an open caring and loving heart.

Jerrell Gray

Hillsboro Transitional House Manager

Jerrell has a personal experience surrounding addiction and the effects of addiction in the community. Jerrell has decided to help break the chains of addiction by becoming Recovery Mentor.

Anthony Clack

Substance Abuse Intern

I am a member of the Recovery community. I have been in Portland for almost 10 years. The first 6 years were filled with self pity and self destruction. I found myself alone and desperate for some new changes and guidance in my life. I went to several treatment facilities. I lived in shelters, and been homeless for most of the time I was in Portland. The last 4 years I have been on a corrective path that has instilled in me accountability and discipline. I live in faith based housing and for me accepting my powerlessness and that my God has all power has helped me to further my education and give back to a community in dire need of individuals willing to live right and by principle. I have worked at PCC as the front desk staff for over a year. I have worked at 4th Dimension as a mentor and front desk staff for over a year including work-study. I have also worked for Crestview Recovery Treatment as a House manager. In this journey I realized  That my education is important for me to help not just myself but also any community I choose to be a part of.

Alexis Rivera

Executive Team Assistant

My name is Alexis Rivera. I am a grateful recovering Alcoholic/Addict. I was born and raised in Miami, Fl. And I am a proud Puerto Rican woman.

I have learned to “Let Go & Let God” which has allowed me to learn my life’s purpose. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with the Empowerment Clinic as the Executive Team Assistant. What the Empowerment Clinic has to offer works for people like me! I know my future is bright, and with my new-found family at the Empowerment Clinic, the sky is the limit.

I plan to become a Certified Recovery Mentor / Peer Support Specialist and ultimately become a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor.