Best Bag lunches

Empowerment clinic provides nutritious bag lunches to its clients 6 days a week.
The bag lunches are given out at intake, during groups and whenever clients are hungry they can come to the front desk to ask for a bag lunch.

Additionally, the clinic provides bag lunches by way of Outreach to the homeless population in the streets of Portland and Hillsboro. The primary objective of our clinic is to promote and provide justice which we simply believe is giving help to those who need it the most.

By providing Outreach services and giving out bag lunches we expect nothing in return, however we do pass out informational brochures for those that may be interested in other ancillary services or clinical services.

Hillsboro Hot Meal Monday

Every Monday from 1 PM to 3 PM Empowerment Clinic staff at our Hillsboro location prepare a hot meal for anyone in the community who wishes to come join and participate in social unity.

By way of this endeavor our goal is to feed as many homeless individuals in Hillsboro as we possibly can and to ensure that individuals are aware of the services we provide so they may never go hungry again.

Michael Shiron Braxton
Executive Director
Empowerment Clinic Inc.